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Date: 18.03.2023
PlayTime: 01:30:13
Quality: 854х480
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Iku Sakuragi, her lover and the tour guide went on a Macau date. Published on June 29, 20,22. Iku Sakuragi returned with the beautiful series of couple vacations. She will be highlighting some of the beautiful cities and countries that these couples visit in Asia to enjoy a short vacation. Today Iku and her guide are in Macau. They spend the whole day in Macau. They came across many streets lined with beautiful buildings. Macau’s street foods are also a highlight. They were exhausted after all their walking and spent much of their time on the streets. They decided to take a break and get to bed at the hotel. They found a Macau 5-star hotel and decided to spend their afternoon there. They decided to relax and enjoy the hotel. Iku’s tits were in his sights, and he began to rub them across her shirt. He began to take off her shirt, wanting to grab her hot tits. Iku seemed interested in the whole thing, as she was helping him to remove excess clothing from her top to get down to her tits. He believed that kissing her face would warm it up so he began to pull at her clothes and undress her. He was so excited to touch her nubs, he decided not to take her bra off but to pull her breasts apart. To see their fun at the five-star hotel, you can watch the entire video.

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