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Date: 14.09.2022
PlayTime: 01:04:26
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Concussion with Miss Hinata Hijiri, a Japanese housewife who is cheating Published January 18, 2022 Today we are pleased to announce a new model. She’s never been on camera before and is new to the adult market. She is married to an office worker husband. He is not a senior employee so he works very long hours. The pay is also very low. Hijiri has been married to him for around eight years. Their lives are very stable, but they do get bored easily. Hijiri is a lover of sex. She usually finds her sexual pleasure when she has sex with herself once a week. Today is her first time meeting her. We interview her in order to determine if her personality would make her a good comfort girl. Every interview is filmed, so that we can review them and see which model performed the sexual acts. Miss Hijiri wants to be an in-house provider of sex. She is not looking to be a model on camera. She will also be working in the mornings as a prostitute. Hijiri explains her situation to us and tells us a little bit about her personal life. She says that her main motivation to get this job is to make more income. Her husband doesn’t have enough to pay her enough to run their household. Hijiri spent the afternoon with us, asking her many questions and getting to know each other. We also filmed Hijiri removing her clothes so that she could be naked. The job she’s applying for is to provide sexual acts. We needed to test her and see if it was possible to perform basic sex acts that clients would request. Hijiri was basically fucked to death in our casting couch interview. Watch the whole process of interviewing for a job and then fucking with potential workers.

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