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Date: 01.09.2022
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Hikaru Kirishima dresses in her kimono for an office party. Published December 31, 20,21 Today marks the end-of-the year dinner. The boss isn’t happy. The host is not happy, even though everyone is enjoying the food & drinks and the company is well-fed. The hostess, a beautiful kimono-clad lady, is running late but will be there in no time. The boss stressed the importance of getting enough sleep for the new Year for all the men. The hostess suggested that they play Who is the King? The hostess suggested that they play “Who is the King?” He can make the rules and do as he pleases. He decides that he is the king and wants to kiss his hostess. He reach out and grabs the hostess. They exchange French kisses for several minutes. The king will select the next person to see her panties. The hostess will be required to stand, stretch her legs and lift her Kimono so that he can see her panties. All is well until she removes her Kimono and reveals that she has no pants. They all have a great view of her hairy bush so the men ask her to move her legs. They can get a better view of her pussy by her reaching down, exposing her legs. As they progress to the king, drunken office workers feel more confident and ask for more outrageous requests from the hostess. The next king demands the hostess is seen masturbating. The hostess leans back and spreads her legs. She then slips one of her hands down. It’s more fun than reading about it.

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