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Date: 03.07.2022
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Amiru Kinohara, my best and most trusted friend, is my beautiful sister. Published February 26, 2021. Amiru Kinohara is returning from a day of fun at Amiru Kinohara’s house, so you are enjoying a quiet evening at home. Amiru is very attractive, although she has recently been divorced. She is hilarious and adorable. She stated that she just divorced and you should live with her in order to share an apartment. This is exciting. It’s amazing to think about how wonderful it would be to live with her. Your sister laughs as you leave the room, and tells you that she is just teasing. You will be shocked at what happens next. Amiru walks over to you and whispers in front of your ears. Amiru can see your jeans through your clothes and will reach down to pull your cocks. She will drag you along with her dick. Your sister approaches you almost at the same time, and you enjoy this moment. Your hard work is complete, and you rush to the bathroom. Amiru appears behind you and grabs your cock. She takes your cock and places it in her mouth, to seduce you. It’s better than a handjob, because her mouth is so inviting and warm. You will see her smiling, holding your cock. Your sister is shouting from the other room that Amiru can use upstairs’s bathroom. Your cum load almost fell into her mouth. Still having trouble, you finally turn around and unload your cum.

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