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Date: 29.06.2022
PlayTime: 00:36:42
Quality: 1280х720
FileSize: 405,28 MB

Ai Kamijou’s very first day at work, and her boss gets her fucked off. Published January 31, 20,21. Because it’s her first day at work, Ai Kamijou is pushed around and not used to her boss who is extremely rude. Her performance today impressed her boss, who is extremely pleased with her performance. He regards her as a perfect employee and is so impressed that he takes his hands off her tits. Ai says that he wants her to have sex, but he insists otherwise. She will certainly delight him sexually if he gives her more money. Ai is a sweet-smiler and cannot wait to put his lips around his dick. She quickly moves him onto the couch and takes off his clothes. She is eager to get to work and has already put her dick in her mouth. His boss is amazed that a female employee is skilled and can also suck cock well. Ai is a lover of feet, so he ensures that he has fun with his cock while wearing his stockings. Her boss is too eager for her sweet pussy, so he opens her stockings. Ai’s first work day is a success because she keeps her pussy throughout the afternoon.

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