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Date: 17.04.2022
PlayTime: 00:12:09
Quality: 1920x1080
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CrazyWifeSlut is back in this stunning cunt scene. She’s getting snatchy with CrazyWifeSlut’s XXL “3Amigos” dildo, and she’s having several explosive orgasms. This gorgeous babe quickly became a fan favorite with her beautiful looks, toned physique, and holes that are terribly charred. It is rare to find such a beautiful lady. We enjoy watching her amazing videos and love her obsession with destroying her body and cunting to the extreme. CrazyWifeSlut starts this scene by filling her snatch with a huge vacuum cylinder. It causes it to swell and then gape like a giant horses cunt. The 3Amigos dildo, a massive dildo designed to look like three monster dicks connected as one, is the perfect choice. It stands 14 inches high x 4.2 inches wide, and is capable of stretching her pussy beyond its limits. CrazyWifeSlut mounts her toy on the floor underneath her and her naked body faces the camera. She then jumps on the 3Amigos to impales them extremely deep. She gets right to work, rolling her drooling and queefing cunt upward and downwards as hard she can. It’s not long before her body starts convulsing in intense spasms of ecstasy and then explodes in a gushing. We were skeptical that this beautiful blonde could take more. Her orgasm was so intense that she wants another. She jumps back onto the 3Amigos and places her pertbutt in front of the camera. After this, she continues to slobber on her cunt! It’s even more difficult to penetrate her womb. She uses deeper thrusts and bursting straight into it, making her scream with joy as she explodes in her second orgasmic explosion. Finally, she bends down and exposes the damage that has been done to her hole.

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