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Date: 04.09.2022
PlayTime: 00:50:24
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Jazmin Luv goes through sadistic torture Before he can manipulate the bondage to make them more severe, The Pope enters to begin to soften her flesh using his crop. When the crotch rope is attached, her waistline and neck are tied to a bench. He wants to make sure this little slut doesn’t suffer. When her air is tightened, the smile that she gives incites the second. As she waits for the Pope, Jazmin holds a neckrope steady in her hand. Jazmin’s eyes sparkle when the Pope arrives. He teases her with the crop before he commands unbridled, non-stop orgasms. She is a willing girl. Even though she whimpers and whines as she cums, it only motivates him to continue. Jazmin is seen lying flat on Jazmin’s stomach with her long, slut legs extended as high as she can. You might be able to get them. He continues to torment her in many ways until he fills her wet, hungry pit by giving him a daildo to fuck him into more orgasms. He finishes the scene by exhaling to remind her of his power and control.

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