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Date: 03.07.2022
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Violet Starr & Skye blue – Wives Special arrangement Published on February 25, 20,21 Violet Starr wants to spend a romantic night with Skye, the woman she loves, while also chatting with her over the phone. Unfortunately, her wife is running late for work, so she is disappointed. Violet stares intently into a nearby piggybank while she inserts a coin. She tells her spouse that the piggybanks are full so she can have some wild fun. Violet knows this is something she has already agreed to, so she’s all set! Violet enjoys playing with her wedding ring after she has taken it out. Violet is back home with Skye Blue shortly after. They feel charged up together and the air heats. Skye accidentally stumbles upon the wedding ring and confronts Violet. Violet admits she’s married to Skye and that they have a…special arrangement. Violet leaves her workaholic spouse alone so that she can deposit a coininto the piggybank. It’s like swearing. She has filled her piggy bank. This means she can now cheat. Skye is surprised to find herself with a married man. Violet assures Skye however that everything is fine. Skye, Violet and Violet both need some rest. Skye should they abandon Violet now that they are allowed to have fun?

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