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Date: 10.07.2022
PlayTime: 00:32:06
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Laney Grey and Jessica Ryan – Obsessed Assistant Published March 28, 2021 Jessica Ryan is a busy woman that relies on Laney to keep her business running smoothly. Laney is shocked to inform Jessica that no business meetings are scheduled. Jessica is surprised and suspects that something is wrong. Laney quickly won her over. They look like they’ll be spending the day together talking about all sorts of things. Days later, everything seems to be running smoothly again and work is picking-up. Jessica now needs a second Assistant. Laney informs Jessica however that none of the suggested candidates for a Second Assistant worked out. Jessica now suspects Laney might be planning something. Laney unexpectedly arrives at Jessica’s home on Saturday night to deliver an important document. Jessica confronts Laney. Laney was dressed very sensually. Laney seems to want to get closer with her than any boss, employee or manager could. Laney admitted that Jessica wants them to be closer. She orchestrated the events to make it easier for them… Jessica is Jessica’s idol and she can’t stop admiring.

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