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Date: 20.05.2022
PlayTime: 00:32:10
Quality: 720х400
FileSize: 260,22 MB

Published June 5, 2020. Ricky Spanish timidly enters Nyomi’s house after their date. Ricky is less confident than Nyomi but is shyer. Ricky seems to be more in love than Nyomi as he struggles to communicate with her without getting flustered. Ricky turns his face to her, and wishes her a happy night. Nyomi is shocked, and insists Ricky stays. Ricky is stunned. Nyomi seducely smiles while leading Ricky into her bedroom. He still feels insecure and stumbles on himself. He talks about how he didn’t expect the date to go this far. But most girls are not turned off by his geekiness. He is particularly attracted to beautiful, cool-looking girls like her. Nyomi grunts as if she thinks it is cute. Ricky is anxious about pleasing her but it’s clear that she has sex in her head. Nyomi looks confused and keeps squirming. Ricky finally admitted after some hesitation that he was a virgin. He was afraid to disappoint Nyomi. Nyomi is relieved. She assures Nyomi it’s not necessary for him be shy. She is going to teach him everything he needs to know about pleasing women…

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