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Date: 08.09.2022
PlayTime: 01:03:10
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Brutal bondage: Liv Revamped, Tommy Pistol Published: January 9, 20,22 Liv Revamped gets her day started in a rigid steel device. Tommy Pistol places her mouth at the level she can reach for a full throat-fucking. Liv is treated to a vibrator that presses hard on her pussy. He puts his gloved hands into her mouth, and it makes her drool. She puts clothespins in her nipples while he gives her a hard cock. Tommy assists her in breath play and covering her mouth and nose. She cums several times. Liv knew it was going to not be easy. The full rope suspension that she has to endure the next day proves it. Next, Liv is standing on Tommy’s left with one leg raised and the other pulled out of his way. He starts to fuck her like a vengeance and then decides he wants to have some of her tight sex. He shoves the cock of his mate deep into her stomach, then into her pussy, and then he presses her lips into her mouth. Liv has enjoyed many orgasms and it is now time for Tommy to get his. Tommy is now fucked by Liv, who is lying face down on her stomach. Tommy decides to have another go at it. He can’t choose which one he likes the best so he fucks both of them until he finally decides that he wants to have that mouth again. Tommy loves Liv’s super-slut talents and makes sure they are displayed.

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