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Date: 04.07.2022
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Melody Foxx: The French Maid. Published: March 5, 2021. Melody Foxx is the maid who came to the new home to clean. Melody Foxx accidentally covered herself after having some trouble with one of the blankets. Unfortunately, under the blanket, Melody Foxx’s perfect abs were all that was visible. The house owner noticed this as he passed. He thought his wife was hiding underneath the blanket. His wife thought he was trying play roll so he approached her and pulled his underwear over her head. He quickly inserted his cock. He quickly inserted his cock and they had a great time. Melody persuaded him by showing him her perfect tits. The couple had sex for many more years until Melody convinced them to stop. They moved around trying to evade their wife. They were both caught. Find out.

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