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Date: 27.02.2023
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Alex Coal, Shiny Fucking Published June 7, 20,22 Alex Coal was at the door to the bathroom. Jay took his sweet time. He finally opened his lotion. His lotion was not there. Alex suggested that he use hers, but he would need to rub it on. She began to oil Jay’s skin. She took Jay’s towel and pulled it down. He was shy. His dick looked enormous. She applied oil to the dick. There was quite some oil. She used half of the oil on her dick. She massaged the bottle. They went to the living room. She started to seduce him. They then had a sexy affair. Jay put his big, tough dick in Jay’s tight, sexy stomach. They started with a missionary. Then she rode him. They had lots of fun together. He was soon in her mouth, after some spooning. He was all hers.

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