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Date: 05.03.2021
PlayTime: 00:32:30.187
Quality: 1920x1080
FileSize: 1.40 GB

Shot in FULL HD 1920 x 1080p 59.97fps with Canon EOS80D and RODE external mic – Sept 20th 2019…. Area 51 is over taken and alien cheeks are clapped. We may have won the battle but the war is just begining because on Sept 21 the aliens retaliate and begin clapping cheeks themselves. I was just an innocent school girl walking home when they decided I must be impregnated!! I am stripped out of my school girl clothes and the alien gang impregnation begins and my cheeks are seriously clapped!!! My face and pussy are covered in alien nut and their hard ovipositors begin filling my pussy with eggs. They impregnate me with so many eggs they begin falling out and the aliens demand I put all the eggs back into my pussy and keep them there. I am their sex toy and prisoner until the alien pregnancy goes full term. It was just a simple run of the mill school day and now I am getting sexually used and pregnant with aliens!!!

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