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Date: 25.02.2023
PlayTime: 00:20:34
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Apollo Banks assigns Liz Jordan to draw a nude character. He chooses his mom, which is strange for his stepsister Liz Jordan. Apollo’s room is met by Liz who informs Apollo that dinner has been prepared. Apollo suggests Liz draw Apollo. Although he might seem a bit difficult for her, it would not be wrong. Liz suggests Apollo might draw Liz and she will get strange. She can take off her robe and the two can end. Later Liz is invited in Apollo’s room. After shedding her dress, Liz gets into bed and poses for Apollo. Apollo’s uncontrollable urges heat up as Liz rubs her skin using her fingers. He draws a sketch of him savagely ripping into the portrait. Liz insists she examine the portrait. She quickly grasps the meaning of what is happening. She can also assist her stepbro. She offers to care for Apollo so he can draw better portraits in school. Liz takes Apollo to bed. Liz grabs him by the hand and starts sucking. Apollo becomes even more aggressive with her BJ. Liz can deal with that. As she climbs into bed, she spreads both her legs and encourages Apollo. Liz is stunned at how great her stepbrother, Apollo, feels in her. She must ride it in cowgirl then return to her chair so she can bounce while she rubs her neck. Apollo follows her as she falls to her sides. He doesn’t miss any beat when Liz falls on her side. Apollo then gets up on her knees and gives it to Apollo for him to take care of his doggie. Apollo gives it to Liz and he then spits all over her chest until she’s back on her stomach. Apollo giggles as Liz tells Apollo to draw Liz.

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