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Date: 21.09.2022
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Lindsey Lane — Stepsis after My Dick Published: December 28, 2022 Lindsey Lane is currently single for a couple of weeks. She’s so hot she’ll do anything for her chance. Today is the best day to start putting her plans into practice. After her mom and stepdad have left, Lindsey waits to meet Jason. Lindsey does not care that Jason has an ex-girlfriend. She’s super thin and wears a tank with a thong. To propose to her stepbro, she climbs in bed together with the super-skinny teenager. Jason tries to resist, but Lindsey isn’t interested in being rude. Lindsey took Jason’s morningwood out of his mouth, and she sucked it into her rest of the mouth before he could realize it. As she holds him in her hands, she deep spits onto him. Lindsey loves BJs and is an expert at them. But she wants her pussy to be full. Jason finally gets her onto his hips and she climbs aboard. Jason enjoys the jiggle from her fine sex. It’s a reverse cowgirl stiffie riding. Linsdey turns around and continues her cowgirl ride. Jason’s hardon is almost as entertaining as the little titties with their tan lines. They keep the party alive. Jason is the one who controls their pleasure. He puts his stepsi on Lindsey’s back to take control of her extremely thin body. Jason can only keep Lindsey up for so long before giving up. Jason grabs Lindsey’s hands and strokes the bottom of his stepsisters stomach. Both Jason and Lindsey agree that Lindsey’s girlfriend shouldn’t stop them having fun again.

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