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Date: 18.03.2023
PlayTime: 00:21:21
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Molly Little with Alex Coal: I Cant Get You Off in Less That Two Minutes. Published July 1, 20,22. Molly Little enjoying a game of foosball, along with Alex Coal. Rico Hernandez, Molly’s stepbrother, is a bit jerk. Alex starts making suggestive hand gestures towards the foosball handle. The conversation moves to Alex giving a handjob. Rico is then dismissed by Alex. He states that all men can be easily gotten away with. Molly informs Rico she can take Rico out in two minutes. Molly yells at him for judging his family’s sex fantasies. Rico later joins Molly and the girls in their living-room. They are all on their phones. Alex addresses Rico, but he pulls the dick from his back and says that they should get him off within two minutes. Molly interrupts Alex to offer to time it. It doesn’t work! Molly and Alex swap spots. Molly timed the exchange and Alex gave Rico a handie. Rico tells Alex, when Rico fails, that he’s so good that he can make Alex cum in two minutes. They both get up and take off their shorts. Rico then applies his palms to them and asks them to do their best. Alex now has one by Rico, and she’s not going to miss the opportunity to fuck him. Molly, despite her half-hearted protestations, gets on her knees and lets Rico take care of her. Molly notices her stepbrother is hot, so she leans forward and rubs Rico on her back. Molly continues to dild her self as Alex climbs on Rico’s lap for a cowgirl frittered. Molly’s mom intervenes while Alex is doing reverse cowgirl. But they must keep going! Molly accepts the missionary program, and she switches to it. She tags along Alex, so Rico can give her money until she’s nice around his dick. Rico then creams Alex’s stepsister and discovers that she’s not on contraceptives.

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