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Date: 10.05.2022
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After an unforgettable Halloween party, two lovers parted ways. Ryan Mclean and Alex Coal are off to Freya Parker, Kyle Mason, and Ryan Mclean. Alex and Ryan started their conversation in the kitchen. But this is too boring to Alex. She suggests they try spinning the bottle. Alex’s game is loved by all. They then head to the living space to share a glass wine. Freya and Alex smile mischievously after the first spin. It is more than a taste of the kiss. The girls will soon be enamored with one another’s kisses, and the guys can stay up all night to watch them. Alex controls the wheel and Kyle is hit with her bottle. Alex is always on the lookout for her husband and doesn’t miss any beat. She crawls onto Kyle and straddles him neck so she can reach into his face and grab his head. Ryan is unable to resist pulling a stiffie on Alex’s neck and watching them make out. Ryan loses control as Alex pulls down her costume to show Kyle her beauty. Freya is taken by him, and he tries giving her the same treatment that Alex. Even though the couples have parted, the drama escalates. Alex commands Kyle that he stand so she can get rid of his erection. He hands her the dick. She drops to her knees. Freya imitates Alex and gets Ryan’s fuckstick to do a lusty sexual job. Alex is not content to remain there. She grabs Kyle by the hand and guides him onto the sofa. Alex encourages Freya to join Ryan once he’s settled. Although the girls are delighted, nothing can top knowing they can swap their stiffies at any time to make them really sexy. If they are feeling confident, they’ll make a changeup. This allows Alex to check Kyle’s fuck sticks, and Freya can enjoy Ryan’s. The husbands find their wives next to them, and they are the ones who have the most fun. Each one can reach forward to rub the clits. Both of them can laugh and then throw their heads back. There is nothing that will stop them from having a lot of fun cumming once again with their partners. The men also respond the same way and pull out their partners for a sexy dance. Alex sampled the cum from each man and shared Freya’s treat with Freya by deep kisses.

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